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I thought I was going to be the first one to post something in a while but someone beat me to it! Here are some loverly macrosI made all by myselfs. These contain, davy's mom, oldmanz, naughty home movies, grandparents, jail games, motorboat demonstratons, and buttsecks.

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      Please don't kill me. I am new to not only this community, but new to livejournal as well. I actually only got a livejournal account for this community and a select few others, so I am, indeed, a total newbie. XD Scary, this is for me. Anyways, I has some macros for you. I hope you likes them! :3 (I was so excited when I saw that a post had been made within this year, so, hopefully this community isn't completely dead.)
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I'll Monk your Kees

At a friend's suggestion, I have decided to bring you some lulz.

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Depending on your feelings about all of that... I both apologize and gloat profusely.

I miss this comms updates :[

So I maked some Macros for you all. They aren't great so I apologize for the dry humor in them. I tried though.

Nez orianted but scary DavyCollapse )

Life's pretty cheap for that type

The following macros came from the idea, my very own, that The Monkees are just as much of fans of a certain cult movie as I am. This post contains an intersting conversation between two Monkees, impressions, dancing and a somewhat heated discussion about certain sexual acts.

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Hai There!

Wow, this place has been dead for a while. I come bearing gifts to (hopefully) bring it back to life.
Contains: thorklekittens, buttsecks, old menz, and a beatle!

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First Post – Go Easy On Me

This community has made me lol so hard. I figured it was about time I post my own.

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So yeah. Saw an episode of south park the other night. And I was urged to do more macros. This place needs some humor.

you have to watch it or you won't understand the macros sadly.

also, Davy's isn't that good but it was the only one I could find to fit the whole...joke well I suppose?

DEY TUKK'R JERBS!!!Collapse )

Help meh!!

Sorry, I don't have any macros to share, but I really really need help with something. I am 99% sure that I saw a picture of Nez's head pasted on Dr. Frank-n-furter's body from Rocky Horror Picture show on this community a while back. I wanted to show it to my friend. She has been dying to see it! But I can't find it! HELP!

This is when you know you have no life

No really. I have no life. So here we go. I've got Davy and the angry Goose,More rape, more erm...suggestive pics, some micky jailbaits,Mpreg references and creepy mans with a Micky.

And there is some language use as well so be warned!

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