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This is my first time doing Macros! Hope you like them!


"Jesus said something wise... "

I've been meaning to post these for a while now. I have no excuse other than... I didn't do it.
These macros include: A crossover with a certain meme, Thorkelkitten, ruined auditions, mad Micky, displeased Nez and Davy threats.

"... and then people said 'Oh that Jesus'."Collapse )

This batch contains: How I met Your Mother references, Mike's peen, Ringo.

MEEP MEEP!Collapse )

POW! Right in the kisser!

Yep. More macros. These contain: oldmanz, tapdance, peen model, Micky's tight ass.

Oh that oldmanz!Collapse )

There's a party in my pants

I got freshly made macros! These contain: A mistaken identity, Micky in drag, Thorkelkitten, Thorkelpickle, role play outfits, grandma obsession, and Micky's mom.

and you're invited!Collapse )


I've just spent the past couple hours reading the macros I posted on here and dieing from laughter. What the fuck is wrong with me? I totally forgot I made some of those. Maybe one day I will make some more and liven this place up.

hey i'm new and all but jeez


i offer this, my gratitude:

Davy reallllly likes the horsies...


Hai guize

Davy's just amusing himself with a little horse play...




Dudes, I just realized I have like a billion macros and not ONE. ONE! posted to this comm!

So here is... ONE.

For now.