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Macro the Monkees!
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Macros of the Monkees!
No real rules, just a few guidelines...

1)Please use Lj-cuts.
It just helps cut down the dramarama.
2)This place is for Monkees macros *only*! For Monkees-themed secrets, try monkees_secrets, for Monkees pics there's monkeespic for Capslock there's capslock_monkee and for any kind of Monkee-smut there's blue_monkees_oz. They're all fantastic communities :D
3)Crossover macros are fine as long as they're Monkees-related in some way! For any macros of other bands there's rock_macros and for macros that don't fit in anywhere else, there's all_macros.
4)Just be nice! That means no personal attacks on anyone - other members of the community, moderators or anyone else. Remember: "Love is understanding" - Peter says so!

Places to host pictures:

Some places to make macros:

Questions? You can contact theasigma by clicking here.
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